I am a landscape/nature photographer based in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. I want to say that I have arrived late in life to the world of photography, but I’ve always had a camera to hand since childhood. It is only in recent years though that I have found it the best channel for creativity that I was struggling to find a home for elsewhere. What I thought was always going to be a hobby, soon turned into more than that when I realised that photography is not just about point and shoot but is a blank canvas just waiting for you to fill with life.
Photography for me is about creativity, being able to express the way I want the viewer to see what I have seen, either physically or imaginary, when stood in the location that inspired me to take the shot. The real beauty of photography is it also reflects our individuality. We are all different and see things in different ways and this should reflect in our images. Photography is such a broad subject that covers all we visually perceive, I love that there is so much scope to experiment and that there are no real boundaries apart from our imagination to create wonderful images.
All my images both on this site and on my Flickr account are available to purchase at a variety of sizes. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.
Thank you!
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